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Blue Ocean OARS Award and Golden Gavel Award
Friday - June 1, 2018 9:56 pm
Smith Fisher Maas Howard & Lloyd, P.C. is proud to have represented the interests of Westfield Insurance and its insureds since the firm opened its doors in 1993.
Westfield annually presents awards to attorneys who have provided outstanding legal service to the company during the prior year.

Westfield’s Blue Ocean OARS Award recognizes the combined counsel/claims professional team that achieved early resolution success on an individual matter by applying “resolution through innovation” principles.  This year, Rebecca Maas was chosen to receive a Blue Ocean OARS Award for her work with Dan Slayton of Westfield Insurance.  Congratulations Becky!  
Westfield’s prestigious Golden Gavel Award recognizes “outstanding achievements by Westfield’s outside counsel partners in providing excellent results in trials, appeals and settlements of cases assigned to the firm.”  Mark Smith was honored with this award in 2018 for his work on Westfield Insurance Company v. Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Center of Northern Indiana, Inc. in which Indiana’s Northern District Court determined that Westfield had no coverage under its various policies which would provide defense and/or indemnification to certain health care providers against a lawsuit filed by parties injured as a result of a multistate outbreak of fungal meningitis purportedly caused by the use of contaminated methylprednisolone.